The Courier

Volume 25, Issue 7 (1991)

Issue Highlights


Socialism In America? Congressmen Debate National Health-Care Bill

Sylvia Sung Resigns From CD's Student Government

Cosby Leaves His Mark

Soccer Advances To National Tournament

Football Claims Region IV Title


Marty Russo

Harris Fawell

Sylvia Sung

Jeff Curto

Pat Keir

Lon Gault

Bert Cattoni

Bill Cosby

Earl Reed


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Will Hacker
News Editor
Kevin Smith
Features Editor
Susan Polay
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Gail Sonkin
Sports Editor
Arun Khosla
Photo Editor
E. Altman Terry
Art Director
Michael J. Page
Advertising Manager
Joanna Del Gallo
Catherine M. Stablein

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