The Courier

Volume 27, Issue 27 (1994)

Issue Highlights


McAninch Says Farewell, Colleagues Answer To Criticism

Conway Named Outstanding Female Graduate

Nickerson Named Outstanding Male Graduate

The COURIER Top 10 News Stories For The 1993-94 Year

Quotes Of The Year–1993-94 At CD In The Words Of Those Who Helped Make It Happen

Golfers Warm Up For Nationals Appearance

Female Athlete Of The Year: Beth Cwinski

Male Athlete Of The Year: James Holloway

Coach Of The Year: Jimmy Kelly


H.D. McAninch

Catherine Conway

Christopher Nickerson

Jeffery Kalinowski

Cathy Stablein

Beth Cwinski

James Holloway

Jimmy Kelly



The Courier, Volume 27, Issue 27, June 3, 1994
The Courier, College of DuPage

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