The Courier

Volume 28, Issue 1 (1994)

Issue Highlights


CD Leans Against Tide Of Illinois Transfer Initiative

Park Avenue Construction To Continue

Approval Pending On Withdrawal Policy

Q101 Jock Live On Campus

Female Condoms Becomes Reality

Hubbard Street Comes Dancing Into Town

What’s New?; President Mike Murphy Dreamed Of Professional Baseball

Men's Soccer Is The Team-To-Beat In U.S.


Steve Fisher

Lorraine Leiser

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

Mike Murphy

Megan Quenzer

Mike Bellamy


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Tina M. Beelel
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Jon Krenek
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Andrew McNeal
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Brent Willems
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Pat Kocher Cowan
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Mathew Kaarlela
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Roger Moukheiber
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Joanna Del Gallo
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Catherine M. Stablein

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