The Courier

Volume 28, Issue 27 (1995)

Issue Highlights


Packard Recommended As New Academic Chief

‘Project Lemonade’ Turns KKK Rally From Sour To Sweet

Paroled Rapist Jailed, Awaiting Hearing

Calendar Change Could Shift Quarters

A Look At Coach Webster's Career

Coach Ottoson Retires For The 3rd Time


Walter Packard

Jeffrey Soussa

Dan Peluso

Eiman Sunbulli

Cathy Stablein

Janet Petrine

Chris Barry

Andy Beier

Lisa Tomaso

Jeanne Del Galle

Matthew Kaarlela

Carl Fontana

Dave Webster

Ron Ottoson

Bill Terhorst



The Courier, Volume 28, Issue 27, June 2, 1995
The Courier, College of DuPage

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Editor In Chief
Dan Peluso
News Editor
Eiman Sunbulli
Features Editor
Janet Petrine
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Chris Barry
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Mathew Kaarlela
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Andy Beier
Art Director
Lisa Tomaso
Advertising Manager
Joanna Del Gallo
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Catherine M. Stablein

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