The Courier

Volume 29, Issue 11 (1996)

Issue Highlights


Fall Quarter Shows Rise In Failures

SGA President May Lack Enrollment Requirement

Divisional Changes At COD

A Profile Of: Patrick Kelly - Student Body President, Age 24

A Profile Of: James Saldana - Student Body Vice-President, Age 29

Curnutte And Maher To Perform Their Hits In COD’s Aquarium

Two Students Display Art Downtown At Cafe Voltaire


Patrick Kelly

Knowles Foundation

James Saldana

Sarah Dyer

Curnutte and Maher

Andy Beier

Neil Huffman

Ryan Jastrzab


Editorial Staff

Editor In Chief
Dan Peluso
Sports Editor
Chris La Fortune
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Vicki VandenBos
Photo Editor
Andy Beier
Art Director
Neil Huffman
Advertising Manager
Joanna Del Gallo
Courier Advisor
Catherine M. Stablein

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