The Courier

Volume 29, Issue 4 (1995)

Issue Highlights & Notes

This issue was misprinted as number 3.


Subway Opens In SRC North!

SGA And Faculty Endorse Candidates

New SGA Senators Elected

More to COD Than SRC

Student Government President On Divine Mission

Student Body President’s Report To The Student Body

A Ghostly Tour

A Haunted House

Spooky Readings

Hubbard Street Dance Puts Bodies Into Motion

Volleyball Captures Conference Title On Way To Playoffs


Patrick Kelly

Lynne Johnsen

Wojtek Kapuscik


Editorial Staff

Editor In Chief
Dan Peluso
News Editor
Eiman Sunbulli
Features Editor
Jennifer Hmcirik
Sports Editor
Chris La Fortune
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Chris Barry
Photo Editor
Andy Beier
Art Director
Neil Huffman
Advertising Manager
Joanna Del Gallo
Courier Advisor
Catherine M. Stablein

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