The Courier

Volume 3, Issue 11 (1969)

Issue Notes & Highlights

This issue was printed with an incorrect volume number.


Student Senate Reviews Confused Parking Moratorium

Claim 121 Parking Stickers Missing

Whooping Crane Flaps Happily In Success Of “Mating Dance”

Computer To Help You Plan Ahead And Even Plays Tic Tac Toe

Mechanical Tech Has Gold Mine Of New Technology

Pop Festivals Rock Across The Country

A Sampling Of The Photo Class Art Exhibit (photos)


Edmonds and Curly

Kelly Lewis

John Qualkinbush

Nancy Carlson

Tom Peterson


Publications Personnel

Editor and Business Manager
Robert Baker
City Editor
Jim Blake
Sports Editor
Richard Goettler
Photo Editor
Mike Mullen
Copy Editor
Robert Blanford
Auto Editor
H.L. Perina
Advertising Manager
Judy Peterson
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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