The Courier

Volume 3, Issue 7 (1969)

Issue Highlights


Student Senate Subpoenas Executive Board to Probe ‘Inaction’

Issue 100 Parking Tags in 2 Days

DuPage Loses Maryknoll Facilities in December

American Breed Appears Here Nov. 7

DuPage Students Invited to Discuss ‘Why Vietnam?’

‘Quickest and Most Efficient’ Registration Ever Held

4 Commercials Put DuPage On Air

DuPage Joins D.C. March

Limiting Enrollment A Possibility, Faculty Senate Told

Coffee House Features Skits, Music, Food

88 Entries Make Road Rally Success


John Belushi


Publications Personnel

Editor and Business Manager
Robert Baker
City Editor
Jim Blake
Sports Editor
Richard Goettler
Photo Editor
Mike Mullen
Copy Editor
Robert Blanford
Auto Editor
H.L. Perina
Advertising Manager
Judy Peterson
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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