The Courier

Volume 4, Issue 21 (1971)

Issue Highlights


Search for Senate Chairman Narrows to 3

How a College ‘Rep’ Sees Us

Senate Praises Miller

WCOD Voice on Campus

Busy (Student) Court Opens

Alpha’s Door Open

Faculty Seeks Their Own Lunch Room

Overflow Parking at College of DuPage (Poem)

Senators Now Total 45

Refrigeration Field Zooms

8 Gymnasts Go To Nationals


Dick Miller

Chuck Maney

Jim Fairs



The Courier, Volume 4, Issue 21, March 5, 1971
The Courier, College of DuPage

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City Editor
Len Urso
Sports Editor
Pete Douglas
Staff Artist
Pat Pheiffer
Advertising Manager
Dave Weakland
Photo Editor
Charles Andelbradt
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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