The Courier

Volume 4, Issue 22 (1971)

Issue Highlights


Board Adopts Cluster System

Friedman Packs Them In

Computer at Bat

Baylor to Head Senate

IRC to Expand

Favor Abortion, Survey Finds

New Drama Home in M Building

College Sued

Stauch Acting ICC Head

Zuck: “Ample Parking”

(Football Coach) Miller to Stay

DuPage Student is Boxing Champ


Richard Friedman

Gene Milos

Lew Baylor

Tom Stauch

Dick Miller

John Conforte


Publications Personnel

Randy Meline
City Editor
Len Urso
Sports Editor
Pete Douglas
Staff Artist
Pat Pheiffer
Advertising Manager
Dave Weakland
Photo Editor
Charles Andelbradt
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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