The Courier

Volume 5, Issue 10 (1971)

Issue Highlights


9 Seek Board Posts

Head Bowed but Murphy Unshaven

Council Approves $10 Cash Loan Fund

Loyola Meet Reveals ‘Diversity’ of Youth Opinion

DuPage Goes Mini (Bus)?

Concern Over Admission Policy

‘Rivals’ Talent-Laden But Flawed

Choice of Programs ‘Greatly Reduced’

Fall Sports Select MVP’s


Ron Murphy

Craig Burton

Percy Munoz

Al Mackey


Publications Personnel

Mary Gabel
City Editor
Maureen Killen
Sports Editor
Mike Hubly
Advertising and Business Manager
Linda Feltman
Circulation Manager
Celeste Trevino
Photo Editor
Charles Andelbradt
Copy Desk
Pat Favor
Sharron Hepburn
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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