The Courier

Volume 5, Issue 17 (1972)

Issue Highlights


DuPage Coed Honored for Olympic Wins

‘They Won’t Join,’ Says U.S. Rep. John Erlenborn

GROWP Takes New Name

Small Loan Fund Is a Success

Rep. Philip Declines Stand on Referendum

Phase 1 Is 15% Behind

Olympic Gold Medalist Attends DuPage (photos)


Dianne Holum

John Erlenborn

James (Pate) Philip

Dennison Love

Bob Phillips


Publications Personnel

Mary Gabel
City Editor
Maureen Killen
Sports Editor
Mike Hubly
Advertising and Business Manager
Linda Feltman
Circulation Manager
Celeste Trevino
Photo Editor
Charles Andelbradt
Copy Desk
Pat Favor
Sharron Hepburn
Mark Kroeger
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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