The Courier

Volume 5, Issue 24 (1972)

Issue Highlights


Illinois Training School Inmate Studies History Here

Program Board Thwarts Bid To Oust Its Chairman

CD Vets Speak Out

Students To Clean Lambert Lake

OK Teacher Evaluation

Johnson Honored

Ogilvie: “I’m Satisfied” With State Drug Program

Say ‘Planned Units’ Can Solve Housing Crisis

Real Estate Tax ‘Oppressive’ Says Simon

County Housing Need ‘Unparalleled’--HUD

Small Mailroom Inefficient

20 to 40 Tickets a Day in CD Parking Lots: Rosin


Jim Wagner

David Madden

Wesley Johnson

Gov. Richard Ogilvie

Lt. Gov. Paul Simon

Mercer Jackson

Ollie Randall

Daniel Carney


Publications Personnel

Mary Gabel
City Editor
Maureen Killen
Sports Editor
Mike Hubly
Advertising and Business Manager
Linda Feltman
Circulation Manager
Celeste Trevino
Photo Editor
Charles Andelbradt
Copy Desk
Pat Favor
Mark Kroeger
Kevin O’Donnell
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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