The Courier

Volume 5, Issue 31 (1972) Orientation 1971-72

Issue Highlights


Small College Plan Begins

President’s Letter

Anticipate Enrollment of 10,000

Basic Curricular Offerings

Performing Arts: It’s Here for You

Need Financial Help? Here’s the Possibilities

Conduct Standards

Your Rights, Appeals in Disciplinary Action

Text of DuPage Parking Regulations

Alpha One Tells What It Is and Why

List Sports Eligibility Rules, Practice Dates

Outside Speakers Policy


Rodney Berg

Paul Harrington

James Godshalk

Lucile Friedli

Valiere Burke

Herb Rinehart

James Love



The Courier, Volume 5, Issue 31, June 8, 1972
The Courier, College of DuPage

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Mary Gabel
City Editor
Maureen Killen
Sports Editor
Mike Hubly
Advertising and Business Manager
Linda Feltman
Circulation Manager
Celeste Trevino
Photo Editor
Charles Andelbradt
Copy Desk
Pat Favor
Mark Kroeger
Kevin O’Donnell
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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