The Courier

Volume 6, Issue 20 (1973)

Issue Highlights


3 Students Vie for ASB Vice Presidency (photos)

Pin Ball Future In Doubt Here

Ad Agencies Ponder Clutter

'Baggies’ Reshape Old-Fashioned Jeans

Polzin Makes Sports History


John Walton

Paulajean Rajkovich

Rick Ruthardt

Franklin Hester

Travis Brasfield

Genevieve Williams

Marie O’Toole

Chris Polzin


The Courier, Volume 6, Issue 20, March 8, 1973
The Courier, College of DuPage

Publications Personnel

Gene Van Son
Sports Editor
Don Doxsie
Photo Editor
Mike Vendl
Distribution Manager
Ted Zembruski
Advertising Managers
Marilyn Lento
Mark Lickteig
Dave Holle
Copy Readers
Melissa Nelson
Sue Imhof
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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