The Courier

Volume 6, Issue 6 (1972)

Issue Highlights


As Building Rises, Flexibility Is Idea: Berg

Calendar Changes Suggested, Assembly To Weigh Report

When Nothing Is Right: Maytalk

C/D Homecoming Week 1972 (photos)

‘Rapid’ Progress for C/D Canoers

Says Capitalism Needs Purpose

‘Jazz’ Man Says Rock Will Never Die

Typing--Where the Boys Aren’t

Says Technology Is Still in First Stages


Patsy Hopson

Chubby Checker

Charles Wells

Robert Marshall

Ron Kapper

Rick Janaes


Publications Personnel

Gene Van Son
Sports Editor
Don Doxsie
Photo Editor
Ed Wagner
Distribution Manager
Ted Zembruski
Advertising Managers
Marilyn Lento
Mark Lickteig
Dave Holle
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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