The Courier

Volume 7, Issue 13 (1974)

Issue Highlights


Council To Oversee Student Activities

Board Asks New Recipe for Food Service Profits

The A Bldg. Parking Situation (photos)

Job Outlook Good for Grads

Nursing Program Has Waiting List

ERA Push Asked by Rep. Chapman

‘Mono’ Cases High in College-Age Group

Don’t Use 22nd Street

Georgia Bonnell, Fashion Designer--Recalls Hollywood Days

Mobs of Sledders Threaten Mt. Hoy

DuPage’s Museum: A Look at Our Past (photos)

8,501 Enrollment for Winter Term


Jack Manis

Eugenia S. Chapman

Georgia Bonnell


Publications Personnel

Chuck Maney
Assignment Editor
Gigi Arthur
Sports Editor
Steve Pierce
Advertising Managers
Mary Chennell
Anne Bolinger
Photo Editor
Bill Bork
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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