The Courier

Volume 7, Issue 15 (1974)

Issue Highlights


Maria Slowed

Herbert Says It’s Best To “Close Mess Down”

5 Vie for Monday’s Election

Walker Told of Bumpy Paths

Parking Lot Issue May Evoke Solidarity, Says Board Member

U of I Has Unfair Standards Rep. Dyer Tells Women

Misunderstood Clusters Not Working

Impressive Machinery—Computer ‘Runs’ Power Room

Even the Adults Like ‘The Clown’


Maria Leclaire

Gov. Dan Walker

Joan Anderson

Giddy Dyer

Jim Belushi


Publications Personnel

Chuck Maney
Assignment Editor
Gigi Arthur
Sports Editor
Steve Pierce
Advertising Manager
Mary Chennell
Photo Editor
Bill Bork
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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