The Courier

Volume 7, Issue 5 (1973)

Issue Highlights


State To Issue Our Paychecks

Council Votes Open Meetings

Faculty Becoming Militant, Segal Tells Board

Mull Real Funny, Springs Real Talented

Some Federal Work Study Jobs May Be Off-Campus

IC Ponders Change in Degree Requirements

‘Night Owl’ Classes Click

State Military Aid Totaled $350,320

Lombard Is Famous for Both Its Lilacs and Plums

Views on Campus Government Crisis

How Activity Budget Is Set and Allocated


Marvin Segal

Martin Mull

McKendree Springs


Publications Personnel

Chuck Maney
Assignment Editor
Gigi Arthur
Sports Editor
Steve Bratton
Advertising Managers
Guy Bergenthal
Mary Chennell
Photo Editor
Bill Bork
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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