The Courier

Volume 8, Issue 15 (1975)

Issue Highlights


History Teacher Assails CAC on Course Refusal

Inadequate Doors Cited

Machine Shop Plan Funded

Class ‘Reconstructs’ Stacy’s Inn, Glen Ellyn

Bard Rolled Over by ‘Verona’ Rock? ("Two Men of Verona")

Alpha College Comes of Age

34 Percent of CD Enrollment Attends Extension College


Adade Wheeler

Cindy Jeffers

Frank Bellinger

Russell Kirt


Publications Personnel

John Meader
Assignment Editor
Dan Veit
Sports Editor
Klaus Wolff
Photo Editor
Scott Burket
Entertainment Editor
Dan Lassiter
Joe Parker
Advertising Manager
Barb Douglas
Production Manager
Carol Boddie
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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