The Courier

Volume 8, Issue 21 (1975)

Issue Highlights


Charge CIA Plotted JFK Assassination and ‘Framed’ Oswald

Bailey Raps Architect, Says Weigh Future Ties

How Alpha Views Education Process

Walker, Goodell Win SARP Honors

Automotive Program Approved for Fall

Senior Citizens Learning About Life (College Style)

Intramurals Offers 10 Sports


Bob Pearson

Ricky Socha

William Fitzgerald

Deborah Walker

John Goodell

Dick Miller

Gordon Melton


Publications Personnel

John Meader
Assignment Editor
Dan Veit
Sports Editor
Klaus Wolff
Photo Editor
Scott Burket
Entertainment Editor
Dan Lassiter
Joe Parker
Advertising Manager
Barb Douglas
Production Manager
Carol Boddie
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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