The Courier

Volume 8, Issue 27 (1975)

Issue Highlights


How Vietnam Vets Feel

Werth Winds Board Post

Resignation Thought Out

Has American Dream of Democracy Faded?

What Referendum Means to College

AFT Hears Berg on Collective Bargaining

Cosmetics To Get Closer Look


Joe Rozbesky

Gail Werth

John Paris

Mary Mendes

Charles Kalili


The Courier, Volume 8, Issue 27, May 8, 1975
The Courier, College of DuPage

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Assistant to the Editor
James Walsh
Sports Editor
Klaus Wolff
Photo Editor
Scott Burket
Entertainment Editor
Dan Lassiter
Joe Parker
Advertising Manager
Barb Douglas
Production Manager
Carol Boddie
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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