The Courier

Volume 9, Issue 14 (1976)

Issue Highlights


Impeachment Hangs Fire

What Has the Senate Done?

Braille Signs To Be Installed

13,736 Students Here, Enrollment up 22%

FCC Grants Final Permit for Radio Station Here

Wes Johnson Recalls--How the College Began

Now Listen, Love; It’s Mischief, Music (Man with a Load of Mischief)

Custodian, Jazz Man, Says—Too Much Tension in Rock ‘n’ Roll


Maria Leclaire

Bob Hall

Wes Johnson

Ed Dyntera


Publications Personnel

Clarence W. Carlson
Sports Editor
Bob Lapinski
Photo Editor
Dave Gray
Advertising Manager
Mike Baldi
Composition Editor
Mari Graybiel
Staff Cartoonist
Joe Parker
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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