The Courier

Volume 9, Issue 20 (1976)

Issue Highlights


Ad Hoc Group Rejects Firearms for Security Force

A Bldg. Damage Up to $10,000

President’s Son Visits

Advice to Divorced Women

Exchange Teacher Notes—English Colleges Less Flexible

Studs Terkel Takes a Look—His Interviews Become Theater

Course Content Changes--Role of Stress Now Basic

Jack Ford Says—Being President’s Son Doesn’t Help Social Life

Ex-Board Member Seeks Lt. Gov. Post


Jack Ford

Darlene McRoberts

Kathleen Haldane

Studs Terkel

Joan Anderson

Polly Cosgrove


Publications Personnel

Clarence W. Carlson
Sports Editor
Bob Lapinski
Photo Editor
Dave Gray
Advertising Manager
Mike Baldi
Composition Editor
Mari Graybiel
Staff Cartoonist
Joe Parker
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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