The Courier

Volume 9, Issue 4 (1975)

Issue Highlights


21 Vie for Student Senate

Seek Eating Area

You Pick Our Queen (photos)

Gorman’s Design--Students Sail On Dry Land

‘Death of Salesman’ Cast List Announced

Why Dunes Nuclear Plan Failed

Prairie Project Ends First Year, Kirt Plants for Second Season

Theories or Tables: New Math vs. Old

21 Candidates Vie for Senate, Here They Are (photos, bios)


Jack Gorman

Clarence Carlson

Russell Kirt

Elaine Lawson


Publications Personnel

Clarence W. Carlson
Managing Editor
Cindy Tyndall
Sports Editor
Bob Lapinski
Photo Editor
Dave Gray
Advertising Manager
Mike Baldi
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond
Composition Editor
Mari Graybiel

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