The Courier

Volume 9, Issue 8 (1975)

Issue Highlights


Maria Outlines Objectives for Senate Action

1,200 Cheer Leo Kottke in Concert

Rosin Tells Task Force--Arm Security Guards or Change Job Description

We’ll Survive This Year, But—New Financing Method Needed, Says Board Chairman

Students Vote ‘No’ on Food, Gun Control

Earn 1st Bowl Bid! Team Meets Minnesota Champs Saturday


Maria Leclaire

Leo Kottke

Elmer Rosin


Publications Personnel

Clarence W. Carlson
Managing Editor
Cindy Tyndall
Sports Editor
Bob Lapinski
Photo Editor
Dave Gray
Advertising Manager
Mike Baldi
Composition Editor
Mari Graybiel
Staff Cartoonist
Joe Parker
Faculty Advisor
Gordon Richmond

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