Volume 4 (2006)

We are pleased to present Volume IV of ESSAI, The College of DuPage Anthology of Academic Writing Across the Curriculum 2005-2006.

Volume IV continues to anthologize and acclaim COD students whose writing exhibits skill, scholarship and sophistication. The anthology also exemplifies the notion that good writing stimulates analytical and creative thinking, records information, demonstrates learning, and communicates writerly effort and integrity in a flawless, eloquent, and graceful manner. Among the works included in this volume of multidisciplinary selections are expository and reflective essays, literary and film criticism, research projects, and science reports.

We believe readers will find much to admire in the writing that follows. It is our hope that this volume will become a good resource for both students and instructors. We also hope that this volume will add to our enriching dialogue – among students and instructors - about writing as a vital part of the academic experience at the College of DuPage.

It has become our editorial tradition to give a few brief words on the anthology name and the selection rubric: first, the name ESSAI derives from Michel de Montaigne, who, in the 16th century, created a new literary form called “essays.” To Montaigne, essays were “attempts” or “trials,” a means of testing his response to different subjects and situations. And it is to him that we owe our tradition of college essay writing. Reflecting Montaigne’s seminal design and our philosophy of the writing across the curriculum at all levels of learning, ESSAI witnesses the “trials” and “attempts” of students’ minds as they engage with various issues and assignments.

The following is the rubric we have applied in making the selections. Papers are deemed exemplary if they:

  • Are completed according to assignments’ purposes.
  • Have mechanics, grammar, and other technical points in place.
  • Are imaginative, creative, logical, and risk-taking with respect to assignments’ purposes.
  • Exhibit clarity of writing with respect to purposes.
  • Follow the disciplinary format.
  • Include relevant literature reviews where required.
  • Demonstrate analytical abilities.
  • Generate interest.

Join with us in congratulating these student writers. And look forward to the fifth anniversary volume of ESSAI in 2007.

Prefatory Notes


Front Cover
Teri De Tolve



Satanic Irony
Christine Dyslin


Chicago Architecture
William Hodges


Between Love and Denial
Tabitha Metreger


Autism and Vaccines
Jennifer Vail


The Morel Mushroom
Justin Wedekind

ESSAI volume 4 cover

Editorial Board

Bob Georgalas
Keith Krasemann
Chikako D. Kumamoto
Chris Petersen
Lois Stansiak
Ben Whisenhunt