As the global penalties of industrialization and human land use become more evident in the world we call home, more questions are raised about the future of our Earth and its inhabitants. This paper intends to look back and revisit history and why the Earth has fallen prey to global warming and the alarmingly rapid rate of destruction of its biodiversity through the means of deforestation. While the current state of the Earth and its rapidly disappearing rainforests are of global concern, the global community hungry for profits, development, and expansion of industrialization is also destroying them. In Brazil, the Amazon rainforest is on the global cutting floor, and even beyond this place, there is a two-edged sword that continues to prolong and proliferate deforestation: Lack of enforced governmental protection for the lush and irreplaceable rainforests, and the need to develop the land to provide for and prosper its people. The current and future consequences of deforestation will be examined. Also mentioned is the potential of sustainable projects and possible keys to shifting the ominous death warrant of the Amazonian rainforests to a more hopeful future.