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Inkjet Archival Print, 20" x 16"

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Artist's Statement

Some art is not meant to last. Mother nature provides us with temporary, ever changing works of art every day. A sky painted with bright reds and pale oranges during sunset, the billowing clouds of an approaching storm, and the way a particular leaf looks as it changes colors; while you may experience similar scenes again, you will never encounter that exact same one.

"The world we live in is a succession of feeting moments, any one of which might say something signifcant" said Alfred Eisenstaedt, a German photographer. Fascinated with the concept of time, I have been exploring just how many once–in–a–lifetime, temporary works of art we experience every day. This journey has helped me to slow down and appreciate every moment for what it is as well as appreciate that the only constant in our lives is change.

Working with the visible suspension of carbon in the air, that lasts only a fraction of a second; I rely on an intuitive response in order to create these images. I may see one thing when I press the shutter, but every time I view the photograph again, I can see something completely different. I invite the viewer to turn the images over to see how they transform. Through this work, it’s my hope to create an intimate conversation that takes the viewer to a place of quiet contemplation.