Global Chats: COVID-19 Focus is a series of talks hosted by Dr. Julia DiLiberti, Professor of Humanities and Global Education Liaison, Maren McKellin, Manager of Field and Experiential Learning, and Sue Kerby, Coordinator of Study Abroad. These talks feature College of DuPage faculty experts and their perspective of how the pandemic is affecting people and places all over the world in a variety of subjects, including biology, psychology, humanities, health, fitness, economics and others.

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Submissions from 2020

Episode 24: "Community College Initiative Students Return Home", Kayla Chepyator, Sue Kerby, and Linda Otieno

Episode 23: "Clear and Present: The Inevitable Intersection of Political Science and COVID-19", Maureen Heffern Ponicki and Julia diLiberti

Episode 22: "Welcome to Fall Realities: A Second Conversation with Kathy Finan and Dilyss Gallyot about COVID-19", Kathleen Finan, Dilyss Gallyot, and Julia diLiberti

Episode 21: COVID-19's Impact on the Job Market: Making it Work, Pierre Michiels, Melissa Schertz, and Julia diLiberti

Episode 19: Keep Calm and Educate On: How to Do Just That While COVID-19 Looms Large, Shannon Brown, Ada Wainwright, and Julia diLiberti

Episode 17: Building Around and Beyond COVID: The Shape of Architecture, Jane Ostergaard, Mark Pearson, and Julia diLiberti

Episode 15: George Floyd, 846, and Necessary Conversations, Tauya Forst, Dennis Emano, and Julia diLiberti

Episode 14: The Science Fiction of a Pandemic, Christine Monnier and Maren McKellin

Episode 11: COVID-19: Escaping our Bubbles through Film and Television, Marco Benassi and Maren McKellin

Episode 10: Comics, Cartoons and COVID-19, Julia diLiberti, Adam Fotos, and Maren McKellin

Episode 9: COVID-19, Disabilities and Deafness, Michael Duggan, Adam Wasilewski, and Julia diLiberti

Episode 8: The Arts of a Pandemic, Connie Canaday Howard, Lee Kesselman, and Julia diLiberti

Episode 7: Outdoor and Adventure Education: Returning to the Great Outdoors, Gib Egge and Maren McKellin

Episode 6: An Educational Conversation about the US and Eswatini, Shannon Brown, Karen Ferreira-Meyers, and Julia diLiberti

Episode 4: COVID-19 and the Gaming Industry, Steve Santello and Maren McKellin

Episode 3: Individual and Team Sports and Fitness, Stephanie Vlach and Julia diLiberti

Episode 2: Japan's Response and the 2020 Olympics, Shingo Satsutani and Julia diLiberti

Episode 1: Testing and Treatments, Kathleen Finan, Dilyss Gallyot, and Julia diLiberti