Submissions from 2020

Episode 24: "Community College Initiative Students Return Home", Kayla Chepyator, Sue Kerby, and Linda Otieno

Episode 23: "Clear and Present: The Inevitable Intersection of Political Science and COVID-19", Maureen Heffern Ponicki and Julia diLiberti

Episode 22: "Welcome to Fall Realities: A Second Conversation with Kathy Finan and Dilyss Gallyot about COVID-19", Kathleen Finan, Dilyss Gallyot, and Julia diLiberti

Episode 21: COVID-19's Impact on the Job Market: Making it Work, Pierre Michiels, Melissa Schertz, and Julia diLiberti

Episode 19: Keep Calm and Educate On: How to Do Just That While COVID-19 Looms Large, Shannon Brown, Ada Wainwright, and Julia diLiberti

Episode 17: Building Around and Beyond COVID: The Shape of Architecture, Jane Ostergaard, Mark Pearson, and Julia diLiberti

Episode 15: George Floyd, 846, and Necessary Conversations, Tauya Forst, Dennis Emano, and Julia diLiberti

Episode 14: The Science Fiction of a Pandemic, Christine Monnier and Maren McKellin

Episode 11: COVID-19: Escaping our Bubbles through Film and Television, Marco Benassi and Maren McKellin

Episode 10: Comics, Cartoons and COVID-19, Julia diLiberti, Adam Fotos, and Maren McKellin

Episode 9: COVID-19, Disabilities and Deafness, Michael Duggan, Adam Wasilewski, and Julia diLiberti

Episode 8: The Arts of a Pandemic, Connie Canaday Howard, Lee Kesselman, and Julia diLiberti

Episode 7: Outdoor and Adventure Education: Returning to the Great Outdoors, Gib Egge and Maren McKellin

Episode 6: An Educational Conversation about the US and Eswatini, Shannon Brown, Karen Ferreira-Meyers, and Julia diLiberti

Episode 4: COVID-19 and the Gaming Industry, Steve Santello and Maren McKellin

Episode 3: Individual and Team Sports and Fitness, Stephanie Vlach and Julia diLiberti

Episode 2: Japan's Response and the 2020 Olympics, Shingo Satsutani and Julia diLiberti

Episode 1: Testing and Treatments, Kathleen Finan, Dilyss Gallyot, and Julia diLiberti