Episode 4: COVID-19 and the Gaming Industry

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COVID-19 and the Gaming Industry: Manufacturing, Retail, Esports and Gamification. Global Chats: COVID-19 Focus is a series of talks hosted by Dr. Julia DiLiberti, Professor of Humanities and Global Education Liaison, Maren McKellin, Manager of Field and Experiential Learning, and Sue Kerby, Coordinator of Study Abroad. The talks will feature College of DuPage faculty and other experts and their perspective of how the pandemic is affecting people and places all over the world in a variety of subjects, including biology, psychology, humanities, health, fitness and economics. Maren interviews Steve Santello, Assistant Professor and Co-Chair of Computer Information Systems, about the impact of COVID-19 on the gaming community, including manufacturing, retail, Esports, gamification of curriculum and the therapeutic benefits of gameplay.

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