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Fall 2008


Currently, the form of dance with consistent and increasing popularity remains Hip Hop. Other modern and contemporary styles including Jazz, Ballet and Tap have concrete definitions and criteria that make those styles of dance distinguished from the rest. Clearly, Hip Hop also has its genuine and distinguishing characteristics, but has found the ability to merge its way into mainstream culture despite its cross-cultural differences and lack of definition. The context in which this Hip Hop dance style has occurred stands out compared to the other styles of dance, and this fact could be the greatest contribution to its overwhelming popularity. Hip Hop takes place in a specific culture in which we can identify the particular type of dancer, dance style, and its unique origin and nature of the dance culture. It may be that one cannot dance the style of Hip Hop without being a participant in its culture. The examination of the Hip Hop culture makes it apparent why Hip Hop’s dynamic characteristics have spread out and become a part of many societies not usually in its realm. By looking at the kinetics and breakdown of the dance style itself, as well as the popular acceptance of this culture, one can give a clear and concise definition of Hip Hop dance and its role in the bigger, mainstream society.