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Mycorrhizae are fungi that have a symbiotic association with vascular plants. They increase nutrient absorption by plants, causing increased growth and reproduction. This study investigates the effects of mycorrhizae on the growth and reproduction of rapid-grow radish, Brassica rapa. The source of mycorrhizae was obtained through a mycorrhizal inoculate containingRhizophagus irregularis. Germination rate and flower count were studied and recorded over a four week period to determine the effects of the mycorrhizae. Flower count of rapid-grow radish with the mycorrhizal treatment was compared to flower count without the mycorrhizal treatment. The mycorrhizal inoculum was found to have a significant positive effect on earlier growth and reproductive maturation of the rapid-grow radish. Early germinated seedlings have shown to have higher survival rates than seedlings that germinate later in the growing season.

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