The Secret to Finding Enjoyment in a Service Learning Class

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My speech will be about my personal experience attending a service learning class last semester and the benefits it can give if done effectively. This will not be a persuasive speech acknowledging the basic pros and cons of why community service is beneficial; instead, I will talk about how a student can successfully enjoy a class with a service learning requirement, along with the personal benefits that naturally result from pairing the right volunteer organization to the individual student. The goal for the Service Learning Requirement of my English Composition course was for students to connect volunteering experiences outside the classroom with traditional classroom learning activities. Some of the assignments consisted of students keeping a journey with updated weekly entries throughout the semester and a final persuasive paper on volunteering. My experience came from volunteering with The Hanson Center Riding Arena. Their goal is to provide therapeutic interactions with horses for young adults and children with physical or mental disabilities. I chose to volunteer with this organization because I felt I have always had a great appreciation for being around animals. I completed the course with a stronger awareness of satisfying career options.