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College of DuPage administration charged College of DuPage's Phi Theta Kappa student Chapter with the mission of mitigating basic needs and insecurities (BNI) on-campus. As proposed by administration, the Chapter conducted research to develop a proposal and establish sustainable solutions: a permanent Basic Needs Insecurities Committee consisting of administrators, faculty, staff and students, free Healthcare Services, Legal Clinics, Pantry Drop Off Days and assistance with food insecurity, child-care, housing, transportation, emergency aid, free textbooks and educational materials, etc. The students formulated an overarching research study on this topic. The present study identifies College of DuPage students' most critical basic needs through the creation of a comprehensive research study which entailed: interviewing and surveying faculty, staff, students and other colleges. The student researchers conducted a literature review on this topic. They searched scholarly and peer-reviewed research databases, conducted web searches, studied literature and peer-reviewed articles on BNI. This served to inform their survey and interview questions. They worked with local experts including: faculty, research librarians, and College of DuPage Pantry Admin. They attended Conferences and webinars on BNI and gathered information about BNI initiatives world-wide, which shaped their research practices and formulation of the study overall. They have conducted over 110 surveys and 40 interviews at the College of DuPage.

The present study expands as the interview process continues with other colleges regarding basic need initiatives that exist on their campuses that could be brought to the College of DuPage (i.e. legal clinics).


The College of DuPage PTK student organization is grateful for this opportunity to present our research. We are currently working on an expanded version of this presentation to be presented at the 2021 College of DuPage Library Student Research Symposium.

Research Team: The project's Research Team included Samiha Syed, Zuhairullah Syed, Sofie Langan, Aidan Murphy, Luis Medina, Brianna Roy & Jaclyn Logan

Acknowledgements: The authors would like to acknowledge Hajira Fatima, Melissa Nicholas, Sylvia Freitas & Hannah Klespitz for their assistance with this project.