Abies concolor is a member of the Pinaceae family. Though not true flowers the reproductive structures on fir are often referred to as such. Firs are monoecious; producing male pollen cones (on left) and separate female seed cones all on the same plant. Male pollen cones are clustered at the base of new growth and often go through a brief but ornamental purple color phase as they expand in spring. The color phases can vary according to species. This photograph illustrates the expanded purple pollen cones of spring and the pollen cone buds present during the dormant season.


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Karren Wcisel,


Image Date (left, male pollen cones): May 8, 2011

Image Date (right, female seed cones): September 7, 2008


Pinaceae, tree, conifer, cone, needle, evergreen, Abies concolor, white fir


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