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Spring 2011


Does your library have a graphic designer on staff? Institutional licenses for Adobe InDesign? A hefty budget for promotions? If you answered “What? Are you kidding?” to any of these questions, this breakout session is for you.

Creative, eye-catching and informative publications and presentations are easy to design without expensive resources and without relying on PowerPoint or Publisher templates and Word clip-art. Presenters will share examples of evolving promotional design from their own experiences and provide no-nonsense strategies for designing posters, handouts and presentations that will both inspire and inform.

In addition, attendees of this breakout session will learn how to make use of tools they already have at hand, get hands-on experience working with easily-accessible and easy-to-work with tools, and walk out with ideas, resources and inspiration to spare.

This session will employ an online collaborative idea space where participants can share their experiences and recommend their own publicity tools and tricks.


Presented at the 2011 Information Literacy Summit, Moraine Valley Community College, Palos Hills, IL