Multimedia Services is a service unit of College of DuPage and functions to satisfy the media communication needs of all administrators, faculty, staff, students and the community at large. It is our mission to provide support in all aspects of multimedia design, creation and distribution. Multimedia at College of DuPage is defined as television and video production services, audio production services, and media distribution services including: streaming media, cable television, video and audio conferencing and new media, such as interactive CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and video for the web.

It is the goal of Multimedia Services to maintain this institution's high standards by offering instructional enhancement, promotion of college activities and events, interdepartmental communications and training, and community outreach. We strive to maintain COD's commitment to excellence. We encourage all units of the college to contact us for needs assessment and implementation of communication and education strategies.

Our welcoming motto is, "All you need is an idea."


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