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… we’ll trek a transcontinental country…

… follow a passion to potential careers in horticulture…

… and examine the specs of COD’s Technology Education Center…

Since 1989 the National Institute for Staff & Organizational Development, or NISOD, has honored the nation’s teachers and faculty demonstrating outstanding commitment to leadership and higher education instruction. Each year, College of DuPage is proud to enter several members of our educational community for consideration. Throughout our program, we’ll get acquainted with some of the teachers representing COD in the selection of this year’s NISOD Excellence Awards.

As the temperatures warm, blooming flowers and signs of new life signal spring’s arrival. And this year I’m sure you’ve noticed new growth of a different kind budding on campus. The newest structure to sprout on COD’s west campus is the future Technology Education Center – a state-of-the-art facility that will house COD’s technology programs such as automotive, manufacturing, horticulture and many more. Project Manager Mike Applebaum tells IMAGES how construction is progressing and previews what to look forward to when this impressive facility is complete.

Explore the land of tsars and commissars this summer, travelling from Moscow to St. Petersburg in the world’s largest country. This summer students enrolled in College of DuPage’s Field and Interdisciplinary Studies trip to Russia will experience the country’s history and contemporary culture, visiting sites that illuminate Russia’s past and present. Palaces, museums and sites of historical significance are on the itinerary for students immersing themselves in the study of a country with history and traditions as epic as its borders.

College of DuPage’s Horticulture program encourages students to “Follow Your Passion.” And a great place to do that is at the annual Horticulture Career Fair. Students meet with potential employers, and community members learn about local service contractors. Ideas sprout, opportunity is cultivated, and often, promising careers blossom each year at the fair.