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May, 2013 This month, on Images!

EMT and nursing students work together in an emergency... In a medical emergency, teams of personnel come together to provide swift response and urgent care: from the site, to the ambulance, to the hospital. To recreate the cross-disciplinary action, College of DuPage conducted a simulation of a real emergency medical response call involving collaboration between Emergency Medical Services students, and Nursing students. Utilizing COD's state-of-the-art learning laboratories and the knowledge of students learning specialized care, the exercise prepares students to communicate and make critical decisions in the emergency situations they will face every day.

... build a foundation for a career in architecture...

The responsibilities of an architect can be as varied as the backgrounds and interests of students pursuing a career in architecture. It is a true blend of art and science; logic and imagination. COD's Architecture program nurtures students' creative and analytical abilities, preparing them for further study and entrance into a field with endless possibilities.

... and tally the benefits of studying accounting at College of DuPage...

Accounting is an essential area of study for all business majors. Accounting classes can also benefit students of all majors in their other courses and their personal lives. The benefits of studying accounting, right here, at College of DuPage, add up quickly, as COD student Ryan Hanrahan explains.

Plus, students earning their GED certificate with help from COD look forward to their futures.

All this and more in this edition of Images!

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