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… we’ll sketch a magical future with a degree in animation…

… take our turn in the front row with First Lady of the Press, Helen Thomas…

… and select the materials for building a successful career in interior design…

As we’re greeted daily with the first signs of spring, we begin to long for the days of summer and start making plans. Many students take advantage of this time to get ahead by enrolling in summer classes at College of DuPage. In an on-going effort to make enrolling in classes easy and trouble free for students, College of DuPage is continuing to offer several programs designed to streamline the registration process: Automatic pre-requisite checking, on-line registration, and a new and flexible payment plan.

One of the many cultural activities sponsored by the International Education Office is the College Lecture Series – a program that brings noteworthy speakers to College of DuPage to present their perspectives, and to generate awareness, on a host of contemporary topics and issues. Recently, COD welcomed Helen Thomas, pioneering political journalist and veteran White House news correspondent, who reported on presidential administrations for 57 years - from JFK to George W. Frequently referred to as the First Lady of the Press, Ms. Thomas traded her place in the inquisitive front lines for Main Stage at the MAC – to speak and, for a change, be the one to field questions of a sold-out audience. She shared pearls of wisdom, insight and candid opinions about our nation’s political landscape and the historic progression leading to the current relationship between the White House and the press.

From Felix the Cat to Bugs Bunny; Buzz Lightyear to Shrek - audiences have been fascinated and enchanted by the magic of animation. The techniques for creating animation change as our outlets for entertainment grow more sophisticated – increasing the rewarding career opportunities for those interested in breathing life into the next virtual “star”. The ability to transform humans, animals, mythical creatures and even machines into lovable characters requires a unique set of skills involving artistry, technical proficiency, creative story telling and dramatic sensibilities. And College of DuPage has long supported this field of study, offering animation courses in the Motion Picture/Television program. In response to the growing needs and interest, COD will be offering an Associate in Applied Science degree in animation, designed to nurture these skills and enable transfer for students interested in pursuing a four-year course of study.

Many College of DuPage students are studying to enter a specific career field or gain skills to further advance in their chosen profession. But success in life often depends on a person’s total skills and ability to adapt to situations and make key decisions. To help explore and nurture these all-encompassing skills, COD offers a two credit course – Education 1105 – to Focus on integrating career development into important life choices. The class is dedicated to helping students learn the skills involved in developing career awareness, making career decisions and taking career action in a changing work environment.

College of DuPage cares about the personal growth and happiness – ultimately the success - of its students. To help ensure students’ positive experiences, COD’s Student Services offers many Student Success Workshops through the Counseling and Advising Office. The workshops are free of charge, provide useful strategies to be applied in every day life, and are beneficial to a student’s development in the classroom and beyond. It’s a great opportunity establish relationships with others while gaining valuable life skills such as time management, stress management, career focusing, study support resources, information for transferring, and more.

A career in interior design is one that, ironically, has no ceiling. The desire for aesthetic and practical enhancements to comfortable living have become woven into the fabric of the modern human condition, increasing the need for qualified interior designers to create and interact in working environments and public spaces as well. Interior designers are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of the public by improving the quality of life related to interior spaces and functional environments. Naturally, College of DuPage keeps current with industry trends and is poised to educate and train individuals for entry into the field of interior design with many options for specialization. Let’s peer through a window of opportunity and learn more about a career that you can feel at home with.