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… we’ll enroll in classes to learn lessons that will last and enhance a lifetime…

… nurture the seeds of creativity that bloom into exciting careers in horticulture…

… and get acquainted with an important extension of your voice in COD’s student government…

As we’re greeted daily with the first signs of spring, we begin to long for the days of summer and start making plans. Many students take advantage of this time to get ahead by enrolling in summer classes at College of DuPage. In an on-going effort to make enrolling in classes easy and trouble free for students, College of DuPage is continuing to offer several programs designed to streamline the registration process: Automatic pre-requisite checking, on-line registration, and a new and flexible payment plan.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a class that helps you excel in your other classes, earning college credit at the same time? Such a class exists and is open to all students at College of DuPage. Education 1115 is a course in College Success Skills. This two credit hour class provides an introduction to skills that are essential to a college education – including everything from strategies to overcome test anxiety; to general time management in order to ensure a successful college experience.

The field of horticulture is always growing --seriously. Students and graduates of College of DuPage’s Horticulture program know this as they see their learning experiences yield a bouquet of exciting and creative career opportunities. Many current and former students of the program discover job opportunities and career directions every year at the annual Horticulture Career Fair. IMAGES! stopped by this year’s event to talk to potential employers and learn about what awaits horticulture students tending their ambitions for a promising career.

Each year in April elections are held for Student Leadership Council. We hope all students take this opportunity to have a voice in student government at College of DuPage. One important position is Student Trustee, the Leadership office responsible for student interest and perspective to the college’s Board of Trustees. IMAGES! spent some time talking with exiting Student Trustee, Umar Farooq, to learn more about student government, the board, and the experiences of an active student that everyone should know.

Some students may find themselves overwhelmed by the size of a school like C.O.D., and the seemingly endless opportunities for study, work, recreation and so much more. Success in college can be increased with comfort in a new environment and by gaining skills that translate into success both in and out of the classroom. Luckily, COD’s two credit hour course, Education 1110, helps enhance skills for establishing personal and work relationships, as well as ways to decrease self-defeating behaviors.