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… unearth the marvels of paleontology with Rob Sula…

… navigate the world of career opportunities for Geographic Information Systems professionals…

… tally up the advantages of studying political science…

…and take a look back at the outstanding year that was 2006…

There’s always a lot happening at College of DuPage. If you’ve been staying up to date with IMAGES! you know that. Before ushering in a new year of interesting activities, programs and progress, we glance back and recap some highlights from 2006.

Kids love dinosaurs... and some adults do too. Just ask Rob Sula. Rob is a paleontologist and College of DuPage instructor who is passionate about his science; has made some fascinating discoveries; and thoroughly enjoys teaching the wonders of the prehistoric past to children and adults through continuing education courses. IMAGES! digs deep to learn more about the past, present, and future of Rob Sula.

For many, traveling to France can be an opportunity to enjoy fine wine, excellent food, see beautiful landscapes or immerse themselves in Parisian sightseeing or night life. Students enrolled in the field studies course, “Adventure in France – Wine and Gastronomy Tour”, get to experience it all… while earning credit. They tour the French countryside, sampling regional delicacies; learn about the major French wine-producing regions through classes and tastings at local vineyards; and spend a day in Paris. The trip is a rich experience in cuisine and culture.

Maybe you’ve used a navigation system in your car, or backpacked with a GPS. Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, is a collection of computer hardware and software for capturing, managing, analyzing and displaying all forms of geographic data. But GIS represents more than just high-tech gadgetry. As technology advances and assists us in immediate transfer of information, the demand for professionals trained in Geographic Information Systems is on the rise. Many opportunities for employment are emerging in the fields of environmental science, urban planning, commercial business and government agencies. We explore what College of DuPage’s GIS program has to offer… and chart a course for success.

You don’t need to travel to Cannes to see the finest in international cinema. Global Flicks offers screenings of carefully selected international films at the McAninch Arts Center with faculty-led discussion following each showing. Global Flicks is pleased to announce their schedule for 2007 and invites students, faculty and community members to attend more than just an entertaining night at the movies – it’s a chance to participate in cultural and global-awareness raising events. Admission to Global Flicks is free and open to everyone.

Knowledge of how governments operate, and how political decision making affects our daily lives is beneficial at all times – not just on election day. The Political Science program at College of DuPage immerses students in the study of political processes at all levels; foreign governments and foreign policy; and theoretical examination of political ideologies. Studying political science can also give you an edge in the job market. Federal, state and local governments employ almost 16 million people – and a political science background can be advantageous in many other fields. Most of all, when living or working within any democratic body, being civic-minded definitely pays off.