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… we’ll celebrate the success of partnering with “excellent” community non-profit efforts …

… investigate the opportunities that await criminal justice students …

… and get warmed up for the ‘06-‘07 basketball season …

College of DuPage’s Academy for Non-Profit Excellence continues its mission to nurture excellence through professional development for the non-profit community. Celebrating one year of service and outreach by partnering with local non-profit ventures, the Academy recently hosted its first annual luncheon. The event included guest speakers, showcased area non-profit organizations and also included presentation of an Outstanding Award of Non-Profit Excellence. Courses are available through College of DuPage’s Business, Professional and Continuing Education Division in a variety of tailored program tracks.

Are you interested in a career in law enforcement, security, the court system, or corrections? Employment opportunities in all areas of criminal justice are on the rise, and the need for higher education is more important than ever as these fields require increasing specialization. The criminal justice program at College of DuPage has been tracking industry trends and meeting those needs for over 25 years with the largest two-year program in the state, offering both degrees and certificates.

Nuclear Medicine is a health profession that uses radioactive materials for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. And College of DuPage has a certificate program that teaches the skills to become nuclear medicine technologists in 15 months. During four consecutive semesters, students enrolled in the Nuclear Medicine program learn through a combination of class and lab work, and also have the opportunity to practice in a clinical environment, working at nearby clinics and hospitals.

The temperature may be dropping outside, but things will soon be heating up inside… on the basketball court. COD’s Chaparrals sports action continues with the beginning of the men’s and women’s basketball seasons, packed with enough excitement to carry us through the winter. Both teams are looking forward to tipping off a championship season.