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… expand our cultural horizons with international study …

… designate a daily driver and relax as we’re chauffeured to campus …

…and venture to a new frontier …

Recently the United States’ Senate declared 2006 the “Year of Study Abroad”. College of DuPage recognizes the value of international study in this age of globalization. Studying abroad is a cultural and personal growth learning experience, and COD offers travel/study opportunities across many disciplines through various programs and partnerships with collegiate organizations. Best of all, thanks to generous contributions from community members, scholarships are available for students whose desire to learn has no borders.

Getting to campus is now even easier for students and community members in surrounding areas, thanks to the addition of a new Pace bus route. Route number 714 services Naperville and Wheaton and connects with many other Pace routes and Metra train service – offering an affordable, hassle-free, and to many, preferred, transportation alternative. With traffic, parking and gas prices the way they are, why not have your driver drop you right at the door?

There’s a new frontier… a gateway to a world of possibilities. And it’s not located in a remote territory. It’s right in your neighborhood. Frontier Campus is COD’s newest, and second, satellite facility in Naperville. Located in Indian Prairie District 204, it offers area high school seniors the ability to earn dual high school and College of DuPage credit while also increasing learning opportunities for area residents with additional evening and weekend, credit and non-credit classes. Images! journeys to the new frontier.

The new athletic season is under way, and our Chaparral teams are off to a fighting start and always need your support. Images! checks in on some of the exciting fall sports action.

Are you interested in a career in law enforcement, security, the court system, or corrections? Employment opportunities in all areas of criminal justice are on the rise, and the need for higher education is more important than ever as these fields require increasing specialization. The criminal justice program at College of DuPage has been tracking industry trends and meeting those needs for over 25 years with the largest two-year program in the state, offering both degrees and certificates.