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…we’ll get a glimpse of tomorrow’s fashion trends…

…descend into the beauty of the Grand Canyon…

…and Images! examines imaging…

College of DuPage’s annual fashion show features the garment designs and creations of current and former COD Fashion Merchandising and Design students. The student and volunteer models sizzled on the runway in this year’s show themed “High Voltage”. There was electricity in the air, and on the stage and the current they created had a magnetic effect on the audience. These live wires didn’t shock, they stunned.

One of the world’s greatest geological wonders is also one of this country’s finest national parks. The Grand Canyon is an awe-inspiring chasm with immense gorges, towering buttes, and awesome displays of light and shadow as the desert sun traverses the Arizona sky. In another exciting travel-study experience offered by College of DuPage’s Field and Experiential Learning program, students will travel to the canyon, hike the famous South Rim Trail with experienced guides and have a chance to camp in the inner gorge. Participants will learn orienteering, hiking and backpacking techniques and discuss literary works and films about the canyon. Visiting the Grand Canyon in person is truly an experience. But the best way to appreciate its humbling size and beauty right now is to preview the trip with Images!

Some members of C.O.D.’s student body get to peer inside the human body. College of DuPage’s Radiography program allows students to get real, hands-on experience performing X-Rays. In a combination of class and lab work, students have the opportunity to learn in a clinical environment where they work alongside radiographers at nearby clinics and hospitals.

If you’ve recently been on campus, I’m sure you noticed the heavy machinery, the roped off areas and the re-directed traffic patterns. These are all signs of fantastic things to come. College of DuPage’s Facilities Master Plan is a comprehensive construction program that will improve the look, functionality and capacity of our campus’ buildings and roadways. Images! updates you on the progress.