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…we’ll meet the architects of tomorrow…

…behold the beauty of student art…

…and patrol the Criminal Justice Career Fair…

The Small Business Development Center assists entrepreneurs with starting and managing new business ventures. They’ve helped many people armed with an idea, and a healthy dose of ambition, make their business vision a reality. This is just one of the many career services provided by the Business and Professional Institute at College of DuPage. The Painted Penguin is an activity-based retailer, where the focus is on having fun. Let’s visit a place where every experience is unique and your imagination and creativity have no bounds. Join us as we take a trip to Penguinville. It’s not at the South Pole - it’s just up the road at Stratford Square in Bloomingdale.

Experiential courses emphasize learning by doing, and allow in depth study and direct field experience in topics not covered in other courses. For example, students enrolling in the upcoming Biology 1800 field course will have an opportunity to study a variety of animals in their natural habitat as part of an introduction to animal research in the field.

In March College of DuPage hosted the state’s largest regional drafting competition for high school students. The Illinois Drafting Educator’s Association sponsored the event and 120 students representing nine area high schools competed in a number of categories that allowed them to demonstrate their skills using both traditional and computer-assisted design techniques. Simply by participating all of the students spent the day sketching their own blueprints for a successful drafting career. The architecture department will also host another competition in April that will benefit the community by challenging participants to design a park for the Village of Addison.

College of DuPage art students express themselves in every form and medium imaginable: fashion design, multimedia, pottery and sculpture, photography, interior design, jewelry design, painting and more. The college is as proud of their students as they are of their work and the public is invited to view their creativity up close at the MacAninch Arts Center. Support your local student artists by attending Artlook 06.

Every 18 months College of DuPage’s Criminal Justice Department hosts a career fair. For those interested in the many exciting employment opportunities in law enforcement, security, courts, and corrections the fair is a great place to line up potential employers, identify job requirements and investigate career options.

It’s spring time, which means it’s that time of year when area high school juniors and seniors can participate in a very special evening. No, it’s not the prom. It’s College of DuPage’s Junior/Senior Night, where prospective students can learn all about beginning their college career at C.O.D. You don’t need a tuxedo, corsage or limousine… just curiosity about the next important step in your education.