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… hear what voters are buzzing about this election year…

… see some of the exciting support programs and services for students…

… and stop to smell the flowers along the Road to Success…

To help celebrate Images’ 25th anniversary, why not gather with family and friends to enjoy a meal? May we suggest turkey, stuffing, cranberry relish, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie? Oh, you already have those plans to kick off the holidays. In that case, continuing our look back at memorable moments in Images’ programming, we review some timeless advice that is just as much a part of the Thanksgiving tradition – tips on preparing for the feast and creative ways to stretch all those harvest season leftovers.

The employment outlook for horticulture students is promising and stable. Green industry jobs offer diverse opportunities to design, arrange, display and manage a variety of personal goals. Horticulture students nurture their interests and watch them grow into exciting careers. Let’s follow another Road to Success - one that is lined with beauty by students cultivating a passion for plants.

The Academic Alternatives and Instructional Support division offers so much for College of DuPage students – well, you just have to see it to appreciate the scope of their unique and flexible opportunities…

It’s an election year, and naturally, people everywhere are directing their hopes to the future as they form opinions about issues and candidates. Images’ field reporter, Rebecca Portwood, got a sampling of what was on the minds of COD students days before the much buzzed about presidential contest.