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… we’ll appreciate the programs fostering COD’s fine arts talent…

… follow a passion to potential careers in horticulture…

… and check out the buzz at this year’s student art festival…

COD’s got talent! And it’s pouring from the studios of the MAC, on display in our campus’ student galleries. College of DuPage fine arts students express themselves in every medium imaginable, learning principles and techniques with the freedom to explore their own creativity. Whether it’s painting, ceramics, printmaking, jewelry, drawing or a palette of other creative outlets, COD’s fine arts offerings in the Liberal Arts Division are sure to make an impression.

One of the best ways to learn is to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Horticulture students at College of DuPage gain valuable hands-on experience and make important contacts while studying to earn a variety of degrees and certificates offered in a program that is well-respected by local employers. If you like working with plants and are interested in pursuing one of the many careers in this growing industry, COD’s Horticulture Program is the perfect place to “Follow Your Passion.”

Each year the halls and classrooms of the McAninch Art Center come alive with music, theatrical performances and art exhibitions during ArtLook. ArtLook is a chance for COD art students to showcase their creativity and expressions to the public. Images’ student field reporter Rebecca Porterwood experienced the beauty and creativity at the one night festival – reporting in a new segment we call, “What’s the Buzz.”