Most Recent Additions


Lunch, Keynote Address, Student Awards Ceremony and Closing Remarks
Alexander Bolyanatz, Laura Burt-Nicholas, and Ken Orenic


Poster: The Myth Behind the Poem
Maya Robinson, Lisette Robles, and Ginger Begrud


Poster: First Love: Persephone
Jomary Romero and Ericka Nambo


Poster: Captain Abraham: America's First Martyr
Frank Iacopelli, Chuck Henes, and Clarisse Becker


Poster: An Old Man's Byzantium
Florin Kolbaba, Fahad Khan, and Eddie Rodriguez


Designing Digital Logic Blackjack
Eric Moravek and Maxwell Thimmig


On a Tangent
Faissal Tounisi


Art History Cannon Project
Melissa Gauger


Cold and Lonely Replication
Bansari Upadhyay, Yunick Cataytay, Lillia Amor, Dave Ditmars, and Myko Kelpsa


Our Plastic Crisis
Morgan Moore


Early Childhood Education: The Foundation of Our Nation
Kathryn Moore, Amanda Murphy, Hannya Gonzalez Serrano, Renee Hyzy, Jane Hernandez-Aguirre, and Ang Li

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