Most Recent Additions


Lunch, Keynote Address, Student Awards Ceremony and Closing Remarks
Alexander Bolyanatz, Laura Burt-Nicholas, and Ken Orenic


Poster: The Myth Behind the Poem
Maya Robinson, Lisette Robles, and Ginger Begrud


Poster: First Love: Persephone
Jomary Romero and Ericka Nambo


Poster: Captain Abraham: America's First Martyr
Frank Iacopelli, Chuck Henes, and Clarisse Becker


Poster: An Old Man's Byzantium
Florin Kolbaba, Fahad Khan, and Eddie Rodriguez


Designing Digital Logic Blackjack
Eric Moravek and Maxwell Thimmig


On a Tangent
Faissal Tounisi


Art History Cannon Project
Melissa Gauger


Cold and Lonely Replication
Bansari Upadhyay, Yunick Cataytay, Lillia Amor, Dave Ditmars, and Myko Kelpsa


Our Plastic Crisis
Morgan Moore

*Updated as of 12/08/19.